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Fabric Machinery in Factory


Who We Are

Combining nearly fifty years of experience with the latest wire forming and metal stamping technology, we design and fabricate the part you need quickly. From prototyping to large volume runs, our expansive manufacturing facility is ready to accommodate your production needs.

Our specialties include wire forms, wire baskets, racks and shelves, wire springs and wire wickets – whether custom or standard.

Our in-house engineering department can help design your project to meet your specifications. With an eye to efficiency and budget requirements, we can support you in the design process to ensure you achieve your desired outcome.

We’ve mastered the art of saving you money. Our ever-expanding line of four-slides and CNC equipment enables efficient production and quicker delivery for large and repeat orders. This avoids costly tooling. In many cases, several operations can be performed all on one machine.

Contact us today to discuss your project.

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